Eyes of Eventide

A secret organization of spies, thieves and assassins who lurk about in shadows and hide in plain sight, gathering information that can be sold, or acquiring it for uses of blackmail, sometimes storing it away for later use. Little is truly known about this organization and most only speculate or repeat what has been heard whispered in the darkness, or spouted off by drunks within taverns and pubs. Joining is by invitation only.

Force of the Spark

In the year 1142 AK, the dragon Infinity was defeated by an array of the Gods and mortals in a powerful clash. The sparks of that clash inspired the founding of the The Force of the Spark. Contentment for its members and surrounding society is the organization's stated aim.  Respectful of all the gods, a diverse coalition is sought, emulating that formed against Infinity.  New Lights will not be turned away on account of profession, religion, or race.  Standing against out-of-control forces disrupting order and against peaceful contentment, the Spark is a balancing force of the scales in these lands. Leadership is provided by the Prime Witness and other firsthand Witnesses of the great clash, and their chosen Apostles.  They coordinate the actions of Disciples and Lights beneath.  This simple, flat hierarchy emphasizes the need for collective action for contentment.

Shihaiteki Dantei

A guild founded by a common thief, the Shihaiteki Dantei, or the Great Ten, is a syndicate of individuals whom search for a common goal. The founder, Reiki Kito, decided to start his own guild and mercenary firm, hoping to make some money for himself and his friends. As many came and go, the organization developed from just an idea to a fully functioning business. Shihaiteki Dantei members are simply workers whom carry out jobs from pick-up and delivery, entertainment, to bodyguard or assassination jobs. The scope of the work limits of a common Shihaiteki Dantei member are  wide and open. Any person can join the ranks of the guild, but they must seek the current guildmaster in order to seek membership. Depending on a person's expertises and desires, they will be placed in ranks to help the guild function. They may work with the clients, work as an employee, or work around the headquarters. However, ten people are above the ranks of normalacy. Some, whove shown great prowess, gain a number rating.  From zero to ten, these individuals are the Dan Council. They may take or order lesser members, but all are treated with respect and equality in the  organization. On mission based assignments, one of the Dan Council are required to head a team of four. Four is a simple number, not too much and not too little. If one would join the Shihaiteki Dantei, but would like to work with friends, forming a four-man cell would and submitting it with the application would be appreciated.


The angels of the Sacred Spirit Society were all created by Kestia. The original four have been here since shortly after her own arrival to this realm, these are Choice, Voice, Season and Reason. In addition, we now have numerous more that have been added to our sibling roster. Our works over the years have focused on helping those in the realm in a variety of ways. The conception of Sophus is a realization now due to the growing desire among realm residents to be a part of something great and make a difference in the lives of the mortals living among us. In helping another's life improve, we grow in ourselves. In assisting another, we shine even if none know. Our methods have worked for over a decade and we have now chosen to invite those wishing to contribute and improve their own lives and minds into our workings. The goal of a member of Sophus is to learn of themselves while broadening their mind to the ways of all others. We do not get involved in politics, we do not force our opinions on others, we do not raise weapons to others in strife, we do not place our values above another's, we do not claim expertise in any field. Our works are done quietly and without blowing our elkhorns. We help, we aid, we support, we encourage, we embrace, we strive to improve ourselves and the lives of thers..when they desire our help. If a member comes into trouble with another realm resident, we do not go to war. We have grounds for the person's safety here and it should be used, not our lives called forth for the sake of another. The founding angels are the ones responsible for placing their lives on the line for the sake of another, members are not. All of the members are equal. The only difference is that some will have experienced more of the tasks and stages than others. This does not mean they are better or more intelligent. This means we expect all members to behave respectfully to one another, regardless of time within the Sophus.  There is no power to be had by climbing the proverbial ladder of ranks with this organization, there is only self wisdom and life experience. We are not babysitters. We are all here for the same purpose. Find something you can do that will contribute to the entire group as a whole. Read to the children at the convent or monastery if you are restricted to the grounds for one reason or another. Learn how to tend to the various hearths on the grounds. Enjoy spending time with the animals residing in the farm, they do appreciate the attention. Visit with someone that is alone in the cafe. Make yourself a positive influence on others, but do not push our ways or yours onto them. Educate yourself about the rest of those living in the realm we all share. While we have organized this project, rest assured that Kestia is the one that we get our own guidance from when needed and thus is the one guiding members. Our ways are not for the lazy minded or bodied. We make high demands of those that seek to be of Virtue. From the moment of acceptance into the faith, members are required to produce results of their time. There are books available for reading within the Scriptural Resources in the Templum that can explain more on our purpose and ways within the organization.