The Gathering... | Druid


The druid class is for those that see nature as something grander than civilization and all that it entails. They love nature in all of its forms, from the budding of a tiny flower to the violence of a tiger taking down an antelope. Often they choose to dwell only in nature, giving up the cities and towns of the world to live among that which they love. This isn't to say that they give up on people entirely, after all people are a part of nature too, and when people encounter druids, the meetings are generally pleasant enough in most circumstances. In living in the wilds, though, druids have developed their own standard of magic to both use nature for their purposes, and to commune with it and help it to thrive and sometimes fight when it seems it will be overwhelmed otherwise.

In combat, druids are not the most fearsome class one might come across, but they do hold their own even sometimes against greater odds. They excel with both staff and spear, and occasionally daggers, though they tend to eschew unnaturally made weapons such as swords and the like. Druids can hail from any alignment, since both good and evil alike can foster a love and appreciation for nature, they are however, most often neutral, as most things of nature are.

Druids also often choose to create a grove, where they imprint themselves, and can thereafter draw upon the strength of the plants within the grove to aid them. If they choose to imprint themselves on a grove, however, their power and in some cases even their lives are tied to the health of the grove, so such groves must be tended well lest their unhealthiness drag the druid down.

Prime Attributes

Constitution and Wisdom

Available Skills

flail, mace, staff, whip, claw, enhanced damage, gouge, hand to hand, kick, second attack, dodge, parry, fast healing, animal training, riding, vanish, apply, brew, mana focusing, meditation, scrolls, staves, wands, domesticate, mining, pick lock, smithing, awareness, lore, peek, recall, scan, slice

Available Spells

eyes of the nature, strength of body, strength of mind, bow, build, cook, diagnose, familiar, forage, herbalism, search, sickle, unarm traps, barkskin, pine needles, stone skin, strength of the land, wind shield, eyes of the cat, natures blend, resist acid, resist cold, resist fire, resist lightning, resist magic, resist poison, snake essence, spidergrip, strip spells, black death, closed eyes, faerie fire, hypnotism, merciless hunger, merciless thirst, mind shatter, remove spells, scirocco, snake bite, thorny feet, vitality drain, bears claw, cloudburst, destroy living, flamestorm, flying thorns, heavy withering light withering, lion roar, scorpion claw, sunfire, withering, wrath of the skies, earthquake, poison rain, bubble of silence, imbue with fire, imbue with ice, imbue with lightning, alcohol purge, bonding, healing surge, heavy bonding, light bonding, poison antidote, purify body, restore life, revigorate, call creature, eagle essence, earthwalk, otterlungs, pass without trace, wings of the eagle, create bouquet, create rose, feast, flowing water, fresh water, light, plantation, cat sense, faerie fog, naturespeak, owl wisdom, phoenix senses, sense poison, star eyes, wolf sense, wolf vision, dancing lights, treeform, weather mastery


Spiritualist Protector Naturalist Storm Caller