The Gathering... | Mage


The mage class is reserved for those people that show significant abilities with channeling the various forms of energy which exist within the world of Tirradyn. While other classes may be able to touch upon those energies in smaller and weaker ways, ma/ges excel in manipulating them, resulting in a wide array of spells.

As mages learn and grow in power, they tend to specialize in one form of magic or another, resulting in the various mage classes which exist. In combat, mages do fairly well with daggers and such, however they excel with staves, and if they are lucky enough to find one, some staves are able to have energies channeled through them to help focus a mages casting abilities for better effect. All of the mage classes have generally the same abilities in combat, since their focus is mainly on honing their magical abilities. Though mages certainly may be either good or evil, or anywhere in between, the mage classes themselves aren't aligned in this fashion, so you'll be just as likely to run into an evil enchanter as you would a good psionic.

As indicated, there are various elemental and ephemeral spheres of energy which a mage can draw upon. The different elemental energy spheres available are: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Shadow, Soul, Death, and Void. These are the only energies which may be channeled and manipulated by the normal mortals of Tirradyn. Most mages can use any or all of these either alone, or in conjunction with each other, though some are more difficult to work with without specializing in such fields. All mage spells use one or more of these energies to power them, and these spheres may be meditated upon to raise or lower them so that specialization is possible.

Prime Attributes

Wisdom and Intelligence

Available Skills

augment hearing, cantrip, comprehension, build, cook, doorway, familiar, herbalism, search, sickle, unarm traps, dagger, staff, whip, hand to hand, second attack, dodge fast healing, riding, vanish, brew, channel, mana focusing, meditation, scribe, scrolls, staves, wands, mining, pick lock, smithing, awareness, haggle, lore, peek, recall, scan, slice

Available Spells

armour, chill shield, fire shield, mirage, shield, acid resistance, cancellation, cold resistance, fire resistance, giant strength, haste, infravision, invisibility, lightning, resistance, magic resistance, mass invis, rage, true sight, vicegrip, cause fear, change sex, chaotic poison, charm person, disorientation, dispel magic, sleep, slow, weaken, acid arrow, acid blast, burning hands, chill touch, colour spray, corrosive stream, corrosive surge, crystal spear, decay, downdraft, energy drain, finger of death, fireball, flame lance, fling, force bolt, frostball, heat surge, ice lance, ice sphere, improved fireball, improved phantasm, lightning bolt, lightning lance,magic missile, phantasmal force, shadow stream, shocking grasp, thunder lance, vampiric touch, winds of death, chain lightning, cone cold, cutting wind, fire breath, ice storm, immolation, prismatic spray, bubble of silence, chaos lace, drain weapon, empower weapon, enchant armour, enchant weapon, extension, fireproof, flame weapon,frost weapon, mithril glaze, permanance, recharge, rune edge, runic blade, shaping the chaos, illusions grandeur, blink, fly, gate, nexus, pass door, portal, summon, teleport, word of recall, clone, continual light, floating disc, summon guardian, detect scry, farsight, identify, locate object, mindspeak, see hidden, see invisible, see magic, wizard eye, alarm, induce sleep, silent casting, utterdark, ventriloquate


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