The Gathering... | Monk


Monks are spiritual warriors who have devoted their energy to the perfection, and balance, of mind, body, and spirit. To this end, the monks undergo a rigorous training regimen. Instead of using mana as a source of power, monks have turned inward, drawing upon the power of their spirit, to harness a new energy they know as Chi. Monks focus upon Order and Chaos, more than the sometimes subjective ideals of Good and Evil. Though unwilling to use weapons, depending solely on the purity and strength of the body, their hands and feet become fearsome weapons of destruction, able to deal out damage and death easily and sometimes with little effort. They have also achieved some little enlightenment, allowing them to use their chi energy to overcome and strengthen what might be considered weaknesses of the body. Monk prime stats are Strength and Dexterity.

Prime Attributes

Strength and Dexterity

Available Skills

dual wield, build, cook, search, unarm traps, bash, dirt kicking, disarm, enhanced damage, gouge, hammerstrike, hand to hand, ironpalm, kick, palmstrike, quad attack, razorstrike, second attack, third attack, trip, ultra damage, advanced dodge, dodge, fast healing, animal training, retreat, riding, vanish, frogstep, ironhide, scrolls, sinuous form, staves, wands, zen, diamond soul, domesticate, hide, mining, pick lock, precision, rescue, self sustenance, smithing, awareness, haggle, lore, peek, recall, scan, slice


Zhiba Agran Rang