The Gathering... | Ranger


The ranger class is the base class for those characters that have an affinity to nature. The ranger class itself has little magic to speak of, as those first beginning to commune with nature have not learned many of the powers that nature can provide, however this does not mean that this class is without its abilities. Rangers are fairly decent fighters, falling between warriors and thieves in this respect, plus they receive combat bonuses when fighting in outdoor nature based sectors that make them nearly the equal of warriors in such situations. Rangers also receive nature based skills such as building shelters and tree blinds, creating things from the natural surroundings, and the camouflage ability which renders a ranger entirely unseen except by those with special vision or other rangers of greater skill. Rangers also learn the lore of herbs and plants, and are able to use them to mix a variety of beneficial remedies and concoctions that provide a host of benefits. Rangers may use any weapon they wish, though longer weapons such as polearms will handicap them in close quarters.

Rangers excel most with the spear and the sword, and receive several unique skills with the spear that no other classes can gain. Rangers can be of any alignment, though evil rangers don't idolize nature so much as they find it comforting or useful. More often, evil rangers merely feel closer to nature because it provides them a safe sanctuary to hide in away from bustling cities full of guards, however this doesn't make them any less adept at the abilities afforded them through their connection to the natural world.

Prime Attributes

Dexterity and Constitution

Available Skills

dual wield, bow, build, cook, familiar, forage, herbalism, place, search, sickle, unarm traps, axe, dagger, flail, mace, polearm, spear, staff, sword, whip, bash, circle, claw, dirt kicking, disarm, enhanced damage, envenom, gore, gouge, hand to hand, kick, second attack, third attack, dodge, parry, shield block, fast healing, animal training, retreat, riding, sneak, apply, meditation, scrolls, staves, wands, domesticate, fieldtrack, hide, mining, pick lock, rescue, smithing, trap awareness, haggle, lore, peek, recall, scan, slice

Available Spells

barkskin, stone skin, wind shield, cancellation, resist acid, resist cold, resist fire, resist lightning, resist poison, closed eyes, faerie fire, snake bite, vitality drain, flying thorns, healing surge, light bonding, poison antidote, revigorate, eagle essence, otterlungs, feast, fresh water, faerie fog, sense poison


Scout Tracker Beast Master