The Gathering... | Warrior


Warriors live for combat and the thrill of battle. They are the best fighters of all the classes, but lack the subtle skills of thieves and the magical talents of mages and clerics. Warriors are best for those who don't mind taking the direct approach, even when another method might be called for.

Warriors begin with skill in the sword, and gain a second attack in combat. Other weapon skills may be purchased cheaply, or gained in the default skill package, which includes the following skills:
bash - a forceful rush with the body, designed to flatten your foes
enhanced damage - this skill multiplies your damage in battle
parry - the art of parrying with weapons
rescue - allows you to take the blows aimed for a companion
shield block - the art of parrying with a shield
disarm - used to deprive your opponent of his weapon
third attack - allows the skilled warrior to land three blows in one round
weaponsmaster - this group provides knowledge of all weapon types

Prime Attributes

Strength and Constitution

Available Skills

dual wield, bow, build, cook, fifth attack, search, sickle, unarm traps, powerfocus, powertransfer, axe, dagger, flail, mace, polearm, spear, staff, sword, whip,axe specialization, bash, berserk, claw, dagger specialization, dirt kicking, disarm, enhanced damage, flail specialization, gore, gouge, hand to hand, kick, mace specialization,polearm specialization, quad attack, second attack, sickle specialization, spear specialization, staff specialization, sword specialization, third attack, trample, trip, ultra damage, warcry, whip specialization, whirlwind, dodge, parry, shield block, fast healing, animal training, retreat, riding, vanish, scrolls, staves, domesticate, hide, mining, pick lock, rescue, smithing, awareness, haggle, lore, peek, recall, scan, sharpen, slice


Knight Barbarian Berserker