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The city of Dragondale is ran by a council of merchants. It is the only city in the realm where are all welcome, and trade is denied to none. Only those who have sought to make themselves and enemy of the city through threat of war, or breaking of treaties or laws would ever be denied by them. They take pride in their impartiality, never choosing a side or taking part in any wars that might occur in the realm. So long as chaos and troubles do not spill into their territory, no one has anything to fear from them. Due to their, open door policy, Dragondale is the largest empire in the realm in both trade and military standing, having an elite force that ensures peace is kept and no trades or routes are interfered with.

Bahkal Forest

The Bahkal Forests is inhabited and looked after by the Garians that reside within it. Being a tribe rather than a city, they are not as trusting of outsiders as most. It is said that the Garian's are one of the seven tribes of the Bhamori, barbarians like those of their kinsman and known to be the protectors, the watchers, and keepers of the seven tribes many secrets. They have no real use for coin and are completely self sustaining, requiring little more than food, herbs, and clothing to survive. Those who have been successful in bartering with them, have reported that they have a penchant for herbs that can not be found within their own forests, and for weapons, armor, or ore that would enable them to make their own. The Garians are ruled by the iron hand of Khan Yarrock, a warrior who is highly respected and revered among their people.


Outside, the walls of Phelan look dark and bleak. Made of stone from its mountain mines, the walls are thick and stout. But the view from the inside is spectacular. white and black marble with gold veins cover the walls, and painted cobblestones line the streets. Since the city was taken over by its current Magister, the city has prospered under his rule as an open city. Anyone can become a citizen of Phelan, as long as they obey the law. Although vampires still make up a large number of citizens, they are by no means in the majority. Trade flourishes, taking advantage of the unusually large supplies of minerals and precious stones available in the mountains, as well as the vast forests surrounding Phelan for lumber.


A great mystery surrounds those of Wulfruden, so much so that none but their kinsman know where they live. It is rumored that they are one of the seven tribes of the Bhamori. They are a tribe who chooses to stay hidden from the realm, offering sanctuary to those select few who come to their Khan for aid. A highly spiritual tribe who holds great reverence to the 'Great mother.' Those few unsuspecting travels who have managed to somehow stumble upon their home, have never been heard from again.