The Gathering... | Elzeothis



The Gathering place for all seven tribes, Bahmori is considered sacred and holy, no battles maybe fought other than in contest, and all who enter must leave their hostilities behind. A permanent encampment where one can come to trade and barter for goods, livestock, slaves and wives. During times of festival a great fire is lit where members from tribes gather and share stories of their adventures, telling of those who have fallen and the battles fought, of honor won and lost. The Bhamori strive to live lives worthy of honor and respect, avoiding that which would bring shame to themselves, or the tribe. Punishment for crimes committed within the tribe can vary from having to defend your honor in the circle of challenges, to being shorn, to death. There is only one law, and that is to live with honor, always.


It has always been set exactly where it currently exists in Elzeothis. Originally when it was first known as Cállambëa, ruled by The Snow Elven family of Sigeneneweth. The residents were strictly and only of the snow-elven race. The lands outside the Kingdom ruled by the Dragon Ashnivac, the Kingdom has always paid tribute to him, in the form of a statue at the entrance as well as offerings to him, though that is only known to the Royal Family, as to what the offerings may be. Open to trade and boasting a port with fleet of ships that one might pause in wonder and awe at the beauty of them.