The Gathering... | Ethica



A beautiful land of forests, fields, enchanting river valleys and southern chain of nearly impassible mountains all of which support a rich and abundant wildlife. High Elves rule this land with a mix of their much less numerous gray and woodelf cousins from their stunning capital made of crystal. Perhaps the oldest known empire that pre- dates even the Dhurzarians, they consider themselves superior to all other races and act accordingly. Preferring land over sea, the high elves currently have virtually no navy to speak of aside from a few warships and merchant vessels. Perhaps this with the persistent rumors of some ages old dispute has led to the estrangement between them and their Sylvan cousins in Marenwae, though the exact reason is unknown or been forgotten in the sands of time. While alienated with Marenwae, there is outright hatred and warfare between Baeladar and Malahgar whenever the two meet. Claiming to be one of the original elven kingdoms in the realm, Baeledar was formed after a war between their kinsmen erupted, sending one side into the forests of Ethica, the other, far underground to form the kingdom of Malaghar within the Underdark on Nersa. Having been isolated for many years after the great quake divided the lands into what they are now, they have recently been discovered again. A prideful people, rather snobbish and aloof, though none are able to fault their craftsmanship and skill in matters of art or literature. They are open to trade, though are more inclined toward the elven population than any other, save for the drow, who are still regarded as their enemy and arrested on sight should one ever pass through their gates.


A broad far reaching land ruled by the Dhurzarian Empire spanning the mountains, plains and plateaus north to Ethica, fertile lands to the west adjoining the and bordering the inland sea. Stretching back into antiquity, this ancient kingdom was founded and still ruled by Draconians. Though resource poor, conquests through the ages have allowed the Dhurzarians to acquire vast wealth, especially gold. Many of their warriors even adorning themselves in gold armor and jewelry. Such is their love for the soft yellow metal that they are often referred to as 'The Golden Empire". Their power has waned in the last few centuries as new empires have arisen to challenge them, most notably the Valurians with whom they have been in almost constant warfare. Though their powerful navy and large army are still forces to be reckoned with, the recent alliance forged between Valuria and Akahram has alarmed them greatly. Added to this slow decline is the falling back from their northern territories due to increasing raids by the Balmorral zealots of Avangar.


A mountainous land of mystery, wild and untamed, covered in thick enchanted forests which surround deep lochs and firths. Little is known of this area as the fierce and reclusive dwarvish clans which inhabit it are none to friendly to outsiders. The highland clans are renown for their finely crafted armor and weapons but trade with only a select few merchants to the envy of others in that profession. They lack an interest to get involved in the wars and skirmishes of others. Usually choosing to look after their own. If it doesn't effect them or their own, they want no part of it.