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The empire of Nar'Got was first built on Thathoth as a dual faith city between Kasimir and Furina. It's rulers, Iilvarra and Leilah, worked together for many long years to establish it as one of the largest trade cities in the realm. It is no longer a dual faith city, once belonging to Kasimir alone after the betrayal of the high priestess of Furina. Having been rebuilt on an Island among the clusters of those found in the black sea. It is still one of the largest trade cities in the realm, being rivaled only by Dragondale. They have sense cut all ties with Kasimir when their new leader came out against their sister empire, Valuria. Having taken part in several wars over the years, and being the only empire to have faced Balmorral and survived. Nar'Got has ports on every continent and several islands throughout Tirradyn, they also have an immense army, possibly the largest in the realm to protect the city, as well as trade routes and ports, be they land, sea, or air. Save Dragondale, Nar'Got is the empire that all other empires seek to gain an alliance and trade with in order to help their own empire grow and gain standing in the realm.