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A kingdom of silver elves, once ruled by King Mithos with his wife Queen Mwenidon until his demise has left her the sole ruler. They are a prosperous nation who openly seek trade with larger realms. Rumored that they had their sight set on conquering before the death of their King, their Queen assures that no such deeds or acts are planned for any nation save those who would announce themselves enemy to the throne. They boast a large military and naval force that aids in making sure that trade routes on both land and sea are not disrupted by pirates or bandits.


A place of enchantment and wonder, one of the few, if not the only places in the realm that has been left untouched by modernization or war. What once lived in abundance over the realm now only exists here, and is the home of fairies and satyrs, wood nymphs and brownies. Animals move about in peaceful coexistence with one another, while the air is filled with laughter and song. Powerful magics surround this realm making it difficult to find though occasional barbarian raiders stumble upon it seldom to be seen again.


The last of the god Orma's angels, they have kept to themselves since his death. A place that is said to bring peace to even the most hardened of hearts, Thelysia is a village of wonders that are beyond the imaginings of the human mind. Opting to stay out of disputes, never choosing a side and not believing that there is such a thing as good or evil, those of Thelysia will offer to aid any and all who seek it, though only in the ways of healing, comfort, or education. A place that is completely self sustaining, they require little, if anything from the outside, though are sought after for their powerful poultices and salves, potions and pills of healing and resistances, that far surpasses any others that can be found in the realm.


Valuria is a thriving empire that has been known throughout the realm as the conquering empire. Having previously been ruled by those who kept their faces and names unknown, they spent hundreds of years conquering other lands and nations and attempt to gain foothold throughout the realm, showing no mercy and using whatever means necessary to win battles. They can be talked into trade, though usually using this as a means to learn about weaker nations. They may, or may not decide that what resources the approaching empire has would serve their needs, and if they peak their interest enough, will seek to conquer and place them under their rule.