The Gathering... | Nersa



Palantal city is divided into several districts The centre contains buildings such as shops and hostelries that are recognizably urban. This is surrounded by rings of glades, where the elven and faerie population live above the ground within the trees. Docks occupy stretches along the river and watchful defenders ring about the city. The temples and guilds have their place away to the west, while the northern side of the city is graced by the castle and gardens where the ruling family dwell. There were once a series of forest kingdoms and elven dynasties across Nersa. Rivalries between them led to each king or queen going their own way, dividing the power and strength of the high elven people. Although the kingdoms never went to war with one another, the divisions contributed to the fall of several at the hands of their drow cousins, the decline of other smaller provinces. In cases, the site of an elven settlement was adopted and settled by humans, whose towns and cities are more numerous than the original occupants. Several faerie communities are scattered through the forest, within and beyond Palantal itself. These are usually only village-sized, but (with their typical whimsy) the rulers, usually matrons, are referred to as "faerie Queen" and each has a handful of ladies in waiting and dapper knights. Queen Dandelion-leaf, Queen Niamhe "the Nightingale" and Princess Thisbe are among these. Travelers sometimes stumble on such a court to be told its glory and tales, gifted with jewels andshining presents. Then wake, alone in the woods, their pockets full of acorns and their ears being used to grow mushrooms!


Living in vast caverns connected by an extensive tunnel network, the Malahgarians carry out their various plots and schemes in a dark atmosphere of mystery, magic, suspicion and deception in a never ending dance for power. Little is truly known of the Malahgarians and even less of their activities except they are cruel, malicious, slavers, have contempt for every other race and an undying hatred of their fair cousins on the surface, especially the Baeladar. Only the brave, foolish, desperate or power seekers enter their tunnels and few of them ever return, least unchanged.

Village of Narina

Having began as a small settlement of humans and grew, with increased population, interest in the boarding school and addition of the healing center, day care center and beautiful scenery. Narina now boasts a decent sized population, merchant shops and guilds, including the Merchant, Craft and Officer Guilds.