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Cormanthor Yastehanye

The lands of Cormanthor Yastehanye were settled by a diverse grouping of young eight elves back when the old Gods existed and ruled the realm. Through time, it has evolved and become a mighty Empire for those that are shunned in other lands. All are welcome, though all may not leave with skin in tact, should their words or ways bring wrath. Trading and merchant alliances are typically formed with the individual merchants, unless it is of great importance to the Empire itself, then one may deal with a representative of the Emperor.


The home of the secret of shadowforged weapons and armor, they are sought by many far and wide who seek their skill and knowledge in the acquisition of what some insist is the best armor and weapons in the realm when it comes to fighting beings of darkness. Due to their lack of resources and military might, they are highly covetous of their forging secrets. Willing to die before allowing the secret to pass their lips for it is the only way they are able to live in peace among the other empires, and thus ensuring that none would seek to disturb them for fear of losing their right to trade. They are ruled by a council of seven, who look after the well being of those who live in Shadia. They decide the acceptance or refusal of trade, and have no interest in the petty wars of others, choosing to remain neutral and uninvolved at all times.