Welcome to The Gathering!

We are a free multi-player roleplaying game set in an original fantasy world with a variety of classes and unique races that allow players to make exciting and dynamic characters. With that character, you can explore over three hundred unique areas and get involved in deep and ever-changing rp.

Roleplaying is enforced on The Gathering... Everything you do and say shapes the world of Tirradyn. We have a growing empire system, devoted religions to the Ishvari (gods), and a number of player-run clans. Our staff is always available to help new players find their roots and is active in facilitating large-scale roleplay.

Plunge into the world of Tirradyn and see what awaits you.

The world of Tirradyn is peaceful and has enjoyed a time of peace and fruitfulness. The people of the realm have been both happy and content. However, such times must always lead to times of strife. With a shift of power in the heavens, and the rise of mighty empires amongst the mortals, only time will tell where things may lead from here. What lies in store for Tirradyn, and what role will you play in this chapter?